Workplan & Requisitioning Process

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This process is meant for organizations that frequently send employees out of their domicile offices to the field for official business.

The process involves preparation of a Workplan, Payments to employees for approved workplans, Expense Returns at the end of the trip and finally Refunds or Expense Claims payments by finance. This is a sample process and is not by any means complete.

The employees typically request funding for the following items:

  1. Transport
  2. Daily Allowances/ Per Diem
  3. Accommodation
  4. Meals etc

The Workplan & Requisition Process Steps

The process involves the following key steps:

  1. Preparation of a Workplan by the employee. This workplan is also treated as the requisition for funds.
  2. Approval of the Workplan. (Typically involving your supervisor & finance)
  3. Generation Payment Voucher & actual payment (Finance)
  4. Preparation & Submission of an Employee Expense Report by the employee at the end of the excursion.
  5. Approval of the Employee Expense Report
  6. Finance Reconciliation, Refund by/ Claim Payment to employee
  7. Integration to Financial Systems – Quickbooks, Sage etc
  8. Report Generation
  9. Output document filing (Workplan.pdf, Employee Expense Report.pdf)

Sample Workflow Process



The Workplan & Requisition Forms

The process begins with the submission of an Employee Workplan.

Employee Workplan & Requisition Form



Once the workplan has been approved, finance generates a payment vourcher and makes payment

Payment Voucher



At the end of the trip, the employee fills in an employee expense report, and attaches all necessary receipts/ supporting documents.

Employee Expense Report



Financial Systems Integration

We are keenly aware that organizations use a variety of financial solutions for accounting. We therefore provide mechanisms to export necessary financial information (Payment Vouchers/ Bills, Payments etc) to your financial solution.

Approved documentation may be exported into Financial systems such as Quickbooks and Sage from the Workflow Engine. This is done by exporting form data into formats compatible with the corresponding financial system.



Process Data is continually dumped into process reports that can be viewed in the reporting module. 

Budget Consumption Report



All files generated or uploaded in the processes are filed away in this online File Manager and available to administrators.

File Manager



As the process executes, various monitoring tools allow users to transparently query progress.

Continuous Monitoring – Process Map


Process Audit



We understand organizations are different. We have the expertise to customize this process to meet your organization’s unique needs. For inquiries or a demo please contact us here.

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