Monitoring & Evaluation

Logical Framework Capture, Funding & Budgeting,
Data Collection, Reporting And Dashboards.

M&E Planning

Capture the project logframe

The Log Frame Capture

Capture & Link Objectives/ Outcomes/ Projects/ Activities and sub-activities  as per your log frame.

Indicators Definition

Supports capturing of indicators and targets across outcomes, programs, activities and subactivities

Funding & Budgeting

Register donors and their funding, allocate and monitor allocations of funds programs, activities and sub-activities from each donor.

Data Collection & Activity Tracking

Collect program activities data and track progress.

Activity Initiation and Task Assignment

Initiate activities and assign reporting responsibilities to staff members

Reports Integration

Continuous data collation updating expenditure, activity progress and activity outputs.

Generate surveys/ questionnaires

Generate online questionnaires through an easy to use form builder. These questionnaires  support attachment of other media such as video’s, photos, word documents for unstructured information capture.

Progress Tracking

Track progress of activities and programs. All activities are tracked for completion and an activity calendar is automatically updated for overdue activities.

Reporting And Dashboards

Dashboards and Reports provided tracking resource consumption, Targets and Outputs and Program/ Activity Progress.


Dashboards provided to track and compare resource consumption against budgets,  track activity progress, and track activity targets vs outputs.


Reports allow exporting of all program & activity data into excel format for further analysis.